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Which Endangered Species are you?

Interactive Article

Take this quiz to find out how your personality traits match one of 3 Endangered animals.

by Vivega Saravana Prabhu

Scenario 1:

You and your friends are on your way home, at 1 AM, after homecoming, but then someone suggests that you guys go on an 8-hour long road trip instead. Which friend are you in this situation?

  1. You’re the one who suggested the trip and you’re already setting up your GPS for unknown location hours away from home. What’s life without some unexpected thrill?

  2. You’re hesitant at first but you remember you have your taser and pepper spray with you that you can use in case of an emergency, so heck ya you are going. Plus you look amazing tonight we don’t want this beauty to go unnoticed!

  3. You’re the most reluctant one. You’d rather spend the night at home with food in your PJs. You were already dreading the dance, but now another trip?!?

Scenario 2:

You are walking home alone after work, and you notice a hooded figure walking behind, you don’t know what their intentions are yet, but you are not willing to find out. What would you do?

  1. You stop and wait for them to pass by, and if they try to attack you, you’re ready to fight back! Until they run away crying.

  2. You have your phone ready on speed dial, you don’t care who they are and what they want. You don’t trust them and that’s that!

  3. You run to the nearest hiding spot and hide there until they pass by.

Scenario 3:

You and your friend are getting lunch when one of your classmates comes up to your friend and starts bullying him/her. What would you do?

  1. That’s it. No one messes with YOUR friend! YOU go for the face. One punch and down they go.

  2. You stand up for your friend, and you call out the bully in front of everyone so they eventually walk away embarrassed.

  3. You’re not looking for trouble but you still care about your friend. So you drag them away from the bully and suggest going to eat lunch elsewhere.

Scenario 4:

You’re at your local grocery store. Which shopper are you?

  1. The one who spots their favorite bag of chips at the highest shelf but is too short to reach it, and needs to ask someone else for help.

  2. The one who is at the clothing section looking at new clothes for the longest time, and you might not even buy those clothes.

  3. The one who gets exactly what they need, no more or no less, and leaves immediately after.

Scenario 5:

You’re at the beach with your family. What would you do there?

  1. Bury yourself in the sand and wait and see how long it takes your mom to notice that you're gone.

  2. Stay in the shade. The sun is waaay to bright and it’s waaaay too hot.

  3. Run for the seaaaaaa!!! It’s the perfect activity to do, minimal talking, and just nice and cold water splashing against your body.

Scenario 6:

It’s Friday evening and you're trying to decide on what movie to watch for the night. What type of movie will you choose?

  1. A nice fast-paced action film, that keeps you on the edge of your seat. You know like “Fast and Furious”

  2. A nice thriller with suspense, a movie that gives you goosebumps. For example, “Bird Box” and “The Quiet Place”.

  3. You’re rewatching all the Disney films or for a bit of change maybe throw in a romantic comedy.

Scenario 7:

You want a new phone that was released a few days ago. How do you convince your parents to buy it for you?

  1. You do all your chores and if they still refuse you are willing to go on strike, by not talking to them. UNTIL they get you that phone.

  2. You would do all your chores and create a detailed PowerPoint on why you should get this phone.

  3. Wait until it goes on sale, and then ask your parents to buy it for your birthday or some kind of holiday.


If your answers are mostly A, you are a Black Rhino!

If your answers are mostly B, you are a Sunda Tiger!

If your answers are mostly C, you are a Green Turtle!

1_Black Rhino

You are small compared to others but you are the aggressive one in your friend group, no one can mess with you and nothing stands in your way. However, if you're not being bothered then you tend to be nice and outgoing with everyone.

Black Rhinos is the smallest of the two African Rhino species

Their most noticeable feature is their hooked lips

In the 20th century due to European hunters and settlers black rhinos faced a dramatic population decline

1960-1995 population dropped by 98%! With less than 2,500 rhinos alive.

Their population has made a constant recovery with the help of conservation efforts being taken in Africa.

Yet, Black Rhinos are still a critically endangered species.

2_Sunda Tiger

You have an amazing sense of style and you are the fashionista of the group. You are very stealthy and never quickly trust someone. You have your way of getting what you want, but at the same time, you don’t throw tantrums to get it.

Distinct from other tigers for their heavy black stripes

Today fewer than 400 tigers are holding on to their lives

Surviving in patches in the forest on the island of Sumatra

Deforestation and poaching are the main reason behind such a devastating decline

The Indonesian government have taken action towards this issue by presenting jail time to hunters who were caught hunting the tigers as well as including steep fines

Despite increased efforts, the Sudan Tiger species are still critically endangered

3_Green Turtle

You’re a quiet person who likes to spend time indoors, but if you were to go outside you would love to go to the beach and go for a nice swim. You also love travelling with your friends, and like to hang out with people only you know and aren’t very good with strangers.

Green Turtles are the largest and only herbivore among the other different species

Named after the color of their fat and cartilage

Found in tropical and subtropical waters

Similar to other sea turtles, Green Turtles migrate long distances

Threatened by overharvesting of their eggs, hunting, getting caught in fishing gear, and losing nesting habitat

Green Turtles are now classified as an endangered species


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