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three perspectives. your choice.

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three perspectives. your choice.

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Trilemma is a student-run

e-publication that focuses on various world issues from three different perspectives.

Our Mission

In today's world, the information we receive has been filtered to suppress or signify a specific perspective on an issue, hence altering what the audience perceives and their opinions. 

The goal of Trilemma is to provide viewers with three different perspectives, giving them the freedom to make their own choice on the information presented. 

We give YOU the chance to decide for yourself. So which side are you on? 

What We Do

As a group, we manage many social media platforms, spreading reliable and unfiltered information in an aesthetic manner. At the moment, we manage an Instagram account, a Facebook Page, a Youtube channel, a TikTok account, and our website where we post weekly articles. 

We aim to post weekly on our Instagram feed, covering a variety of topics from human rights to the effects of deforestation. Apart from posts, we also interact with our viewers on Instagram stories regularly, by posting interactive stories. 

We also post on our Youtube channel to publicize certain world issues that haven’t received enough attention! With the help of animatics and a compelling presentation of information, our goal is to make our videos an interesting way to access information.

On our website, we post weekly articles addressing a variety of issues. We strive to provide our viewers with enough unbiased information to fulfill our goal: Three Perspectives. Your Choice. 

Who Are We

It all started with 5 determined high

school students who were searching for a way to spread awareness about understated and misinterpreted world issues. These five students were brought together by their interests and a strong resolve to help the world become a better place.


They decided that the best way to spread awareness is through a website and social platforms like Youtube and Instagram. Today, their work is continuously expanding and spreading more awareness to those around the world with the help of their viewers. These determined 5 high school students are us. We are Trilemma. 

Three Perspectives. Your Choice. 

founding fathers

The Founding Fathers


of trilemma publications


Keya Thota

Tanvi Prem

Sindu Vipparthy

Chief Operating Officer 

Chief Operating Officer 

Chief Editor


Vivega Saravana Prabhu

Avani Pammidimukkala

Chief Editor

Chief Editor

website creation/production

public relations

Our Staff Writers

Alice Alcaras

Maanas Shah

Tanya Sudheer

(Comic Artist)

Aashna Chudgar

Sarah Hoffman

Pranav Arun

Sriya Gundlapally

Kiersten Ngeow 

Iqra Khan

Prithvi Prem

Trilemma Jr. Writers

Ira Thota               Tara Prem

Social Media Team


Tanvi Prem     


Keya Thota     Tanya Sudheer

 Instagram Head


Danielle Simon          Iqra Khan


Prithvi Prem     


Sindu Vipparthy     Avani Pammidimukkala

 Twitter Head


Keya Thota


 Keya Thota         Ali Lehman

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