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change perspectives through media.

Who are we?

Applications are Currently Open!

At Trilemma, we write articles that address the world’s controversies and issues from three different perspectives (two extremes and one neutral), giving them the freedom to make their own choice on the information presented. Our articles vary in range, from the gender pay gap to child marriage, from environmental justice to toxic internet culture. 

As teens ourselves, we have a first-hand view of our increasingly polarized world: the lack of understanding, agreement, and empathy. But that’s where we come in. We bridge that gap, by providing different perspectives to one conflicting topic. 

At Trilemma, we believe that the youth have the most potential to bring positive change upon our ever-changing world. We are teenagers with a thirst for justice and a passion for advocacy. 

We hope you can join and support us to achieve our goals. With your help, we really can make a change. 

Who are we looking for?

We want creators who can convey a Trilemma in a cohesive and attractive way. We need someone with a passion for expressing understated world issues in an unbiased, transparent manner. We are looking for people who are dedicated, reliable, responsible, and easy to work with.


We will be giving you a platform to express your perspectives on the world’s controversies. No problem is too big or too small. 

Staff Positions:

- Social media team- Graphic Designers/ Managers
- Marketing- Communications/Outreach/Strategy
- Web Designers 
- Video editors

- Writers

Currently Looking For: Writers

Are you interested in changing the world by transforming perspectives? Then Apply!

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