How would you Answer these Popular Arguments? Pt. 2

Interactive Article

Here’s a list of popular arguments you may or may not have heard before. Don’t know your stance on these topics? Well, you’re here to find out. Check out Pt.1 of popular arguments for more arguments.

by Sindu Vipparthy

Is America’s current election process still valid?

  1. Yeah! The electoral college is how we’ve been doing it for the past 2 centuries, therefore, we should keep doing it that way.

  2. No! The popular vote is more fitting to the needs of the majority of the people. Why does it exist if it isn’t counted?

  3. Both of them are outdated methods. We’d rather come up with a completely new way altogether.

Should men get paternity leave?

  1. Yes. As a parent responsible for taking care of the child, it’s important that they get time to spend time with their family.

  2. No. The women are the ones physically giving birth and that’s why they get maternity leave.

  3. Yes, but the man would possibly get shorter leaves than the women.

Are we too dependent on computers?

  1. Yes. It’s all we’re on 24/7 in the modern era. If all the computers would hypothetically be shut down, we’d be left vulnerable with barely any access to information.

  2. No. Computers are a form of technology that mankind has created in the modern era. Technology in the past has always made humans’ lives more efficient, so it would mean the same for us now.

  3. Technology is definitely beneficial, however, they’re known to have adverse health effects. It’d be good to stay off of it as much as possible. Also possibly store information in physical forms instead of just on the web.

Should smoking be banned?

  1. Yes. It’s bad for the smoker’s health and the people around them.

  2. No. It’s legal for adults and must be for a reason. It also provides temporary relief and is a way of coping.

  3. No, but smoking should definitely be strongly discouraged.

Should the United States Supreme Court judges have shorter terms (instead of life-long terms)?

  1. Yes. Everyone else who has government positions has terms. Besides, the ideals of some of the Supreme Court judges might be outdated if they serve life-long terms.

  2. No. The Judicial Branch has been enforcing the country’s laws like this for centuries, so there’s no reason to change it now.

  3. Sort of. We could hypothetically test the difference between the two different resolutions and see which one has a greater net benefit.

Should everyone be required to recycle?

  1. Yes. Recycling is an impor