What type of Nature Lover are you?

Interactive Article

Take this quiz to find out how your personality traits match one of 3 nature loving characters.

by Vivega Saravana Prabhu

Scenario 1:

Someone is cutting down the big tree in your town that you’ve been playing on and around since you were a child. WWYD?

  1. Write a petition to the Mayor against the removal and inform the authorities.

  2. Beat them up! How dare they cut down YOUR tree?!?!

  3. Ignore it and walk away… It’s not like you’re gonna play on it again. Even if you wanted to, you can just find another tree.

Scenario 2:

You watch your grumpy neighbor bring in a trash bag full of plastic things. They dump it in the landfill bin instead of recycling it. WWYD?

  1. Dress up like the ghostbusters with a mask and gloves. Go pick out the plastic from the landfill and recycle it yourself. Why ruin your day trying to correct them and then get insulted when you can do the job yourself?

  2. Drag them back out of their house and MAKE them pick their plastic bags and bottles out of the trash and recycle it. They definitely can’t fight YOU!

  3. Why bother??? Just mind your own business...It’s their trash can. They can throw it wherever they want. Plus, the recycle bin is so far away!

Scenario 3:

Your mentor doesn’t believe in Climate Change. WWYD?

  1. Try to explain to them the presence of climate change with data and statistics. It’s hard to disagree with facts.

  2. Yell at him so much that they go home crying. Then drop out of the class, and leave a bad review so they can get fired.

  3. Agree with them.. Your grade depends on this class and it’s better to kiss up to them, rather than getting on their bad-side.

Scenario 4:

You're walking on a trail at a National Park and you see a couple of kids plucking berries from a bush that is part of the endangered species list. WWYD?

  1. Explain the situation to the kids and put up a sign advising others to not touch the bush.

  2. Scare the kids by telling them they are eating poison, so they’ll be scarred for life and never harm another bush.

  3. Join them! There are other bushes in the world anyway, plus you're hungry.