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Your Inner Fashionista, Pandemic Style.

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Mask Fashion: Whether it be designer, lace, leather or cloth, masks have now become an accessory. So what's right and what's wrong with this trend?

by Vivega Saravana Prabhu

States around America have started to make face masks mandatory to all residents who venture out of their homes. What is a better time than now to start the mask fashion trend? You can be safe and stylish at the same time. Now since its summer, there are also trikinis, bikinis with matching masks (yes I know. It’s an actual thing) available for all the ladies out there who wish to show off their quarantine body while still following the safety guidelines.

Trikini design by Elexia Beachwear.

The mask fashion trend has been prominent in many East Asian countries over the past decade. However, as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to rule the world, this unique fashion trend has now started to emerge globally.

As much as there are positives about this trend there are also some negatives, so here is what I think about this new fashion era.

The positives of a mask trend:

When I first found out about this mask fashion trend I was very excited to try it out. Part of the reason why is because, as a very antisocial person, wearing a mask enables me to stay in my comfort zone in an outdoor environment. When I am out shopping, I can act the way I want to with no fear of recognition. Why? Because of my mask.

Furthermore, this fashion trend encourages people to wear masks by expressing it as a fashion statement. As this trend starts to spread nationwide, more and more people would WANT to wear masks, which can keep them safe while expressing their personal style.

Moreover, as more brands start to create these face masks along with their other products, people are averting from medical masks, leaving more supplies for health professionals.

The negatives of a mask trend:

Even so, there are still some downsides to this fashion trend.

As advised by the CDC, when taking off your mask, you should avoid touching the cloth on your face. Then, you should use your hands to untie the string behind your head or remove

Designer Facemasks

using the elastic ear loops, and lastly, wash or dispose of the mask.

Branded companies are using this pandemic to make a profit by selling expensive designer face masks. However, some masks sold because of this trend (including lace, designer, and embroidered masks) prevent the safety protocols instructed by the CDC, from being performed. These types of clothing will make it necessary to touch the front of the mask in order to take it off, therefore the germs will contaminate your hands and other sections of the body that you will touch. Besides, as people begin to buy these branded masks they will refrain from washing them.

A Lace Facemask

Additionally, some cloth masks do not filter the air and are just used for styling purposes, making it useless during this pandemic and unsafe. So what’s the point of these masks anyway?

Final thoughts:

Well if you ask me, I am still down with this new fashion trend. You just need to find the right kind of masks and outfits and you’re good to go. With a bit of research, I think this trend can be safe and fun to try out. More importantly, you can be that crazy person dancing in the yogurt aisle at your local grocery store, and no one would bother to judge because they can’t SEE who you are.


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