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The Real Protagonist? Hermoine Granger

Trilemma Jr.

Does Hermione Granger deserve to be the protagonist rather than Harry? Her resourcefulness and cleverness have caused many to claim her as the best choice. But is she the best one? Read this article to find out.

by Ira Thota, a Trilemma Jr. writer

Does Hermione Granger deserve to be the protagonist rather than Harry? Well, as an avid Harry Potter reader, I found this question extremely interesting. Hermione is a very important character as she plays a large part of Harry Potter’s life; the adventures would not succeed without her knowledge. For instance, in book two, Hermione found out that the Basilisk was going in through the pipes. Due to this information, Harry figured out the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets was in the bathroom and eventually found Tom Riddle.

In this Trilemma you will learn about three perspectives: Hermione should be the protagonist, Harry is a good protagonist, and the neutral perspective.

Hermione should be the protagonist:

Hermione should have been the protagonist because she is hardworking, smart, and brave. According to, “While Harry finds himself preoccupied with Cho Chang, the Triwizard Tournament, or the House Cup, Hermione is entrenched in research, spending her time learning all of the things she’ll eventually need to know to save lives, fight injustice, and defeat Voldemort.” This quote highlights Hermione’s focus on making a difference and solving problems, while Harry just wants to win at Quidditch and do other random things. In the seventh book, when Hermione, Ron, and Harry go out to find and destroy Horcruxes, Hermione was the only one to read about what a Horcrux does, and how to destroy it. In comparison, Harry and Ron just assumed that they were going to just go out and find them.

Harry is a good protagonist:

Harry may be distracted now and then, but in all, he makes a great main character. Harry has faced many hardships because of the Dursleys who make him do many chores and Dudley’s friends who make fun of him; in the end making him a very resilient character. This is part of what makes him so likable. Harry is very hardworking as he practices Quidditch, studies Defence in the Dark Arts, and in the fourth book, practiced spells, potions, and more to get the Triwizard Cup. Another reason that Harry is a good main character is that he is always determined to accomplish his goal regardless of all the hardships he faces. By being hardworking, determined, and resilient, Harry Potter defeated Voldemort.

The Neutral Perspective:

In the end, it comes down to the person you prefer to be the protagonist. Harry and Hermione both are fit to be the main characters because of their character traits. Harry is determined and resilient. Hermione is hardworking and smart. It all comes down to whether you prefer a protagonist who has faced many hardships, or a protagonist who can solve problems without help from others.

The Harry Potter series is very creative, interesting, and engaging. Regardless of your preference for the protagonist, you should experience the excitement of reading these books and watching the movies.


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