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Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?

Trilemma Jr.

The Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series are some of the most popular children's book series of the time. But which one is better?

by Tara Prem, a Trilemma Jr. Writer

The Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series are some of the most popular children book series of the time. There have been millions of sales for these books throughout the world, and the authors of these books have become incredibly famous for their work. However, one question has been hanging in the air for almost two decades now. Which series is better? Here’s where the trilemma is presented- Is Harry Potter the better series, is Percy Jackson the better series, or is there a neutral perspective?

Harry Potter is Better:

Many people believe that Harry Potter is better, and for good reasons. After all, 500 million copies of these books have been sold, compared to Percy Jackson’s 35 million copies. Also, according to Warner Bros and Disney, the movie franchise has brought in $8.64 billion dollars in box office sales worldwide, unlike the $430 million dollars brought in from the Percy Jackson movies.

Also, Harry Potter fans believe that J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books, was much more creative than Rick Riordan, the author of the Percy Jackson books. This is because the Percy Jackson books are built off of Greek myths. With his books based on mythology, there is only so much creativity that Rick Riordan can use. However, the Harry Potter books are in a world that J.K. Rowling created herself. J.K. Rowling has no restraints on her creativity, as she has individually made up the whole world of Harry Potter.

The Harry Potter movie series is made up of seven movies. However, the Percy Jackson movie franchise was canceled after the first two movies were released. This is because the reaction the movies got from viewers was mostly negative,because of the inconsistencies with the book. The Harry Potter movies definitely got a better reaction from viewers than the Percy Jackson ones.

Finally, Harry Potter has a larger influence on the public. After all, Harry Potter World is a hit, while Percy Jackson doesn’t even have a theme park. There is a Harry Potter World in both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando. These theme parks are famous globally and generate large crowds. This only proves the point of the Harry Potter fandom that Harry Potter is better than Percy Jackson.

Percy Jackson is Better:

Despite those who support Harry Potter, there is also a community of people who believe that Percy Jackson is the better series. One main point is that the Percy Jackson books have a lot of humor, while the Harry Potter books do not have that element. The humor incorporated into these books gives them an exciting aspect, while still sticking to the riveting plot.

Another argument from Percy Jackson fans is that compared to Harry Potter, Percy Jackson is more modern, therefore, relatable. The setting and atmosphere of the Harry Potter books are mostly medieval, from the architecture to the personalities of people. However, the Percy Jackson books talk about a character who is, deep down, just like you and me. Percy Jackson grows up in New York and lives a normal, relatable life before he gets caught up in the demigod world. However, Harry Potter grows up very differently (I mean, he’s a wizard!), so a lot of us just aren’t able to relate.

A final argument from Percy Jackson fans is that Percy Jackson has several spin-off series, such as The Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, and Magnus Chase, to name a few. These series are either written or presented by Rick Riordan, and they have the same trademark wit and excitement that is found in Percy Jackson. However, Harry Potter does not have any spin-offs, and there is nothing to continue reading after finishing the Harry Potter series. With Percy Jackson and its spin-offs, it will be a long time before you run out of reading material from Rick Riordan.

Neutral Perspective:

Both the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson fandoms have good reasons to back up their claims. (Each side is supported by book sales, creativity, and overall relatability).

Personally, I loved reading both of the series, and they are some of the best books I have read. However, I like the Percy Jackson series a little more than the Harry Potter series. This is because my upbringing has been similar to that of Percy Jackson. I can imagine myself in Percy Jackson’s place, which has made reading Percy Jackson and it’s spin-off series very enjoyable for me.

Don’t get me wrong- I still love Harry Potter. But, I love Percy Jackson more. That’s only what I believe.

What do you think? Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?



I personally prefer Percy Jackson books.

But just to let y'all know, I read only 3 of the Harry Potter books cuz I legit got so bored of them! Like, I just really didn't care for the plot much and I just sorta found it disinteresting tbh! It just felt like a chore to read those books, and you'd get almost zero action until the last 20 pages! I just couldn't read it anymore 😭

Whereas during the Percy Jackson books, I legit read the first one because there was a reading competition at school, and I got SO hooked on to the series that I decided to check the second book out at the library! I kept going back…


Harry Potter has better friendships than Percy Jackson. In the first 4 books the friendship between Percy,Annabeth and Grover was fantastic but in the 5th book Grover just disappeares or something he just does some trick with the plants to defeat someone and its more only between Annabeth and Percy. I get it it was the last book and there had to be more chemistry between Annabeth and Percy but overlooking Grover and the friendship was not the best. But in Harry Potter the friendship between Harry,Ron and Hermione is so strong and no one is left out yes in Chamber of Secrets Hermione has less action while in Prisoner of Azkaban Ron has less action.For example Ron gave Harr…


I think Harry Potter is better because Harry, in my opinion, has more dimension than Percy, for example, Harry is very hot-tempered, reckless, and doesn't always listen to adults which cost him a lot but Percy flaw as the book says is loyalty but throughout the book we never see his fatal flaw cause any problem. Harry's recklessness and his tendency to not listen to adults can be a big factor in Sirius's death but the worst Percy has done is not visit Bob but that didn't cost him anything, sure Percy felt bad about himself but in the end, it is nothing compared to the agony Harry felt. In a way, Harry's flaw is more relatable than Percy's because…


I'm a bit late, but one of the points you made was that we never really saw Percy's fatal flaw. That's not true, it just wasn't as distinct. We know that it is basically his need to help everyone, his indecision of what the better choice is when faced with a difficult decision. We see this a lot in The Last Olympian, when there are so many sacrifices and deaths, and Percy tries so hard to prevent and avenge them all. We see that he would sacrifice himself in a heartbeat to save everyone. His fatal flaw is, like Harry's, his heroicness. Or his selflessness.


Makayla Robinson
Makayla Robinson

I think that the Percy Jackson series is the better choice. I can relate to Percy and his friends and I love how Rick continues on with The Heroes Of Olympus series and the trials of Apollo etcetera. Don't get me wrong I love the harry potter series but I didn't feel like I did with the Percy Jackson And The Olympian series when it ended. By that I mean when I finished the Percy Jackson series I felt empty inside. I couldn't believe that I finished it and I thought about it for the rest of the day, saying things I wished Percy had done or saying things I wish Rick had changed or just reading Wattpad stories and…


HI there!
HI there!

PJO’s better, but that’s just me

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