Goodbye 2020: A letter from Trilemma's Staff

Personal Article

Our 101st Article.

by Trilemma Publications

This is our 101st article (all posted in 2020), and to mark this special occasion we wanted to put out something special from us to you.

Here at Trilemma Publications, we strive to present unbiased and unopinionated information, to leave our audience to make their own choices. However, as 2020 is coming to an end, our staff wanted to let their biases run free: through a note. We wanted to openly express some problems that have plagued our lives during 2020, that we hope to alleviate starting the new year.

The following paragraphs contain true, pure, and passionate opinions that we hope you will take into consideration (with research) to form your own.

For the first time, this is what we are frustrated about.

I am frustrated that people use social media as their only source of information, and assume that information is accurate.

The media stratosphere has become oversaturated with information, with the majority of its content being overly opinionated and inaccurate. With the rise of social activism, people are using social media as their only source of political and general news. It is crucial to utilize unbiased traditional media as a supplementary or primary source for news, as these sources are verifiably factual.

What’s trendy isn’t always accurate,


I’m frustrated that climate change’s repercussions have become oversaturated and desensitized in the media.

On a daily basis, we see tragedies occur worldwide. We watch as families starve during droughts, as houses get flooded, as towns get burned, and as cities get relocated due to sea-level rise. This is not natural. This is not normal. We can’t keep shrugging off these problems, and reply with ‘oh well, I send them my thoughts and prayers’. Adding a sad emoji won’t solve climate change.

We need to step up our game,


I am frustrated about generalized racism among different ethnic and racial communities.

What’s even worse is when a person who is part of a specific community makes fun of their own culture to fit in with others and their stereotypes. For example, on TikTok, I have seen countless numbers of non-Indian girls making fun of Indians for being “perverted” or “classless” based on the few who are actually like that online. People need to realize that sleazy people are everywhere in the world; they do not pertain to just one race.

So stop stereotyping others based on their race,


I’m frustrated that it is so hard for people to put away their differences for the greater good.