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Goodbye 2020: A letter from Trilemma's Staff

Personal Article

Our 101st Article.

by Trilemma Publications

This is our 101st article (all posted in 2020), and to mark this special occasion we wanted to put out something special from us to you.

Here at Trilemma Publications, we strive to present unbiased and unopinionated information, to leave our audience to make their own choices. However, as 2020 is coming to an end, our staff wanted to let their biases run free: through a note. We wanted to openly express some problems that have plagued our lives during 2020, that we hope to alleviate starting the new year.

The following paragraphs contain true, pure, and passionate opinions that we hope you will take into consideration (with research) to form your own.

For the first time, this is what we are frustrated about.

I am frustrated that people use social media as their only source of information, and assume that information is accurate.

The media stratosphere has become oversaturated with information, with the majority of its content being overly opinionated and inaccurate. With the rise of social activism, people are using social media as their only source of political and general news. It is crucial to utilize unbiased traditional media as a supplementary or primary source for news, as these sources are verifiably factual.

What’s trendy isn’t always accurate,


I’m frustrated that climate change’s repercussions have become oversaturated and desensitized in the media.

On a daily basis, we see tragedies occur worldwide. We watch as families starve during droughts, as houses get flooded, as towns get burned, and as cities get relocated due to sea-level rise. This is not natural. This is not normal. We can’t keep shrugging off these problems, and reply with ‘oh well, I send them my thoughts and prayers’. Adding a sad emoji won’t solve climate change.

We need to step up our game,


I am frustrated about generalized racism among different ethnic and racial communities.

What’s even worse is when a person who is part of a specific community makes fun of their own culture to fit in with others and their stereotypes. For example, on TikTok, I have seen countless numbers of non-Indian girls making fun of Indians for being “perverted” or “classless” based on the few who are actually like that online. People need to realize that sleazy people are everywhere in the world; they do not pertain to just one race.

So stop stereotyping others based on their race,


I’m frustrated that it is so hard for people to put away their differences for the greater good.

Let’s take the United States for instance; the nation is currently so polarized. I believe that is immature to disregard something just because the opposing side supports it. Issues such as racism, climate change, and basic human rights, should not be disputed regardless of what position you may be in. Why is it so hard for people to consider perspectives other than their own, even when they know innocent lives are at stake?

Grow up.


I’m frustrated that people are still denying climate change and the very predominant effect it could end up having on our lives.

It’s taken the role of a political problem, gaining support only from people with certain, more progressive beliefs. Without support from every side of the government, one that would recognize climate change as a “human problem” instead of just a political one, there would be a lack of teamwork to eradicate this problem. The planet will continue to depreciate at the hands of climate change.

And it’ll come for us next.


I am frustrated that the education system here in the US doesn't teach students about geography and current politics/international affairs.

There are many students in my school who prefer to stay away from politics, and have such a fixed mindset towards the topic. This just angers me. Since the world will end up being in our hands in the future, it is more and more important that kids around the nation have some knowledge, and actually engage in politics.

America better do something now,


I am frustrated with the corruption surrounding modern-day politics, especially regarding lobbying and corruption through corporations.

This happens through partisanship, even though it happens in both the left side and the right side. Money still plays a big role in politics; rich corporations can afford lobbyists and maintain a high amount of control over the political happenings of the United States. This undermines the concept of democracy and equality by making money a deciding factor in American politics.

Money shouldn’t control democracy,


I'm frustrated about the misinformation that has spread about the effort to reduce COVID-19, specifically on safety measures such as wearing masks.

If 95% of people were wearing masks, we could save nearly 130,000 lives between now and March. As of December 19th, 2020, the United States has faced 315K deaths—and that number is steadily rising.

Masks save lives,


I am deeply frustrated with the lack of action our nation is taking in terms of climate change.

Today, we have access to all the information we could ever want at our fingertips, yet people still choose to believe baseless arguments about the falsehood of climate change. Instead of tiptoeing around the problem, we must take action and save the planet that has given us the space to exist freely. We must undo the harm that we have done in order to create a safe world for future generations.

Let’s make positive change,


I am frustrated about how easily damaging claims and misinformation is spread on the internet, namely on Twitter and Youtube.

People seem to just jump on the first accusation they read and spread these allegations around, ruining the accused's reputation, regardless of evidence. In other cases, when there is evidence, the claims are often mass denied by the accused's followers, to the point that the individual trying to call out this person is the one who becomes victimized and ruined. Understand that anything you post or spread without knowing the full story has the power to ruin someone's whole reputation and livelihood.

Please stop,


I am frustrated that not all sports get the same importance.

I am particularly thinking about the country I currently live in, Italy. Here the discrepancies between sport relevances are big. Should not all sports be equal? They are all games; activities people do. It frustrates me how all the sports are not given the same space and importance. We are restricting ourselves to other amazing sports.

Please, let’s revolutionise our sports world,


I’m frustrated at how extreme our opinions can be based on which party your views align with in an already messed up two-party system, particularly those with conservative views.

Someone could deny basic rights for a minority or deny their existence as a whole, someone could be racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, ableist, islamaphobic, anti Semitic, religiously intolerant, or any kind of oppressive person and they can be defended by tons of people on the media and in real life saying that “it’s just an opinion”. Or if you’re more on the liberal side people have an inclination to try and make everything offensive to portray themself as the “woke savior”. No one can have normal political views without being an independent who has little say in our election.

(Let’s redefine our political values)


I am frustrated that people still believe that sexual assault is an act of mutual consent.

The mindset that ‘it takes two to tango’ is fundamentally flawed. Rape is the act of violating someone that is carried out without that person’s consent. ‘Wearing provocative clothes’ or ‘acting in a suggestive manner’ does not mean that the person in question is ‘asking for it’. If they refuse, stop approaching them. No means no.

It’s simple English, folks,


I am frustrated with how stressful the college process can be for students.

I feel that at times there are many unnecessary stress factors which can lead to the deterioration of students’ mental health, like high competition among students. There have been drastic changes over the years with increased competition among peers regarding SAT and ACT scores, grades, and the classes people take. This continues into college, too. In fact, only 2% of college students don’t feel stress according to the American College Health Association, and this has to change for the better.

Teenage stress will only get worse,


I am frustrated with the expectations that we place on people, especially women and underrepresented genders, to perform.

Perfection has become commonplace and it is disappointing that a woman or person with different gender identity has to work much harder to be considered equal to others. With its reaches in the professional and personal world, the differences between people have caused a rift that only certain groups face.

Let this be the end where we can grow anew,


We want to thank all of our readers and supporters for helping us make this year better. Here's to a year of change: 2021


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