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Giving the Most Back: The Most Beneficial Sport

Informative Article

Which sport out of soccer, basketball, and martial arts gives the most back to you if you do them?

by Pranav Arun

Everybody knows that no matter who you are, a reasonable amount of exercise is good for your body. People do these exercises in a variety of ways: ranging from jogging to weight lifting to playing sports. Most people can agree that playing sports is the most fun way to maintain a good physical condition, but which sport lets you maintain the best condition as you play them often? And, even more than that, which sport gives you the best psychological and social benefit? Let’s take a look.

First of all, it is important to know that different sports do different things for your body. For example, soccer will improve cardio and stamina because of the large amounts of running involved, and it will help develop your leg muscles. Basketball, on the other hand, still helps with stamina, but there is more focus on upper body strength and vertical ability. Martial arts is something that varies between the different cultures that developed it. Tae Kwon Do, a Korean martial art, emphasizes the foot and the art of using the foot, but the upper body is still important in this art. Karate and Kung-Fu are martial arts that use a lot more upper body moves compared to Tae Kwon Do, but they still use their legs to kick. Martial art evenly focuses on the development of muscles in both the lower and upper body. All of these sports also give social benefits, but in different ways as well. So, here is where the Trilemma is presented:

Does soccer, basketball, or martial arts provide the best physical exercise? Which one provides the best social benefit? Can all be viewed as equal?

Basketball as the Best Physical or Social Benefit

People argue that basketball clearly provides the best physical or social evidence, and these people may not be wrong. Healthline explains that basketball can strengthen muscular endurance, build healthy bones, improve balance, and help your heart. All of these traits are very important to stay healthy. Basketball can reduce fractures and broken bones, reduce heart problems, and keep you safe from injuries by building endurance. Basketball also provides emotional benefits like boosting team spirit and communication, making it a desired sport for young people to pursue. If you really like it and play it recreationally, then you will find that it is a great stress-buster, and you can shoot some hoops to cool down. You don’t have to be good at it for basketball to benefit you.

Soccer as the Sport that Benefits You

Soccer is another sport that greatly improves physical condition. Soccer provides a lot of health benefits similar to jogging and track. According to the Better Health Channel, health benefits of soccer include aerobic capacity and cardio, lower body fat, strength, endurance, muscle building, and bone strength. You can see that soccer has a lot of benefits similar to basketball, except it has more of a focus on aerobics and cardio. Soccer is very good for the heart, and it is one of the most popular sports in the world. Soccer can also lower injury risk, again similar to the benefit of basketball. Soccer also has benefits beyond health such as promoting teamwork, teaching coordination, reducing anxiety, and lifting self-esteem and confidence. These are many of the benefits also seen in basketball, proving that both of these sports are great for you if played, but focus on different things. However, there is a difference because soccer is generally better known due to the fact that it is an international sport, and it is easier to make friends playing it. In conclusion, soccer is another sport that gives a great benefit to those who play it.

Martial Arts as the Best Sport that Gives Back

Martial art is another sport that most people do not think of as a sport. This sport improves flexibility, muscle strength, bone strength, durability, and stamina. It also improves stance, balance, focus, and hand-eye coordination. Emotional benefits that have been observed include leadership opportunities, self-confidence, and self-control. Tae Kwon Do is a sport that helps people become more confident and calmer. Although it may not be as physically demanding as the other sports mentioned in this article, it requires good technique and good balance. It can be mentally draining and tiring but something that people like to do because of the fact that you can constantly push yourself to higher levels. In conclusion, Martial Arts are something that gives back to you, making it something that anyone can try.


All of these sports can clearly be beneficial to your physical, mental, and emotional health. This is the case no matter what, and it is very hard to choose a sport that is the best for you. Because of this, it can be said that all of these sports are equally beneficial, and the only thing that matters is which one is more fun for you. All of these sports are sports that you can pursue your career, and they are rewarding physically and mentally. If you want to achieve the full reward, it is important to enjoy the sport that you are playing, and that is why this is the case. If you like soccer, play soccer, and that will be rewarding. If you like basketball, just play, and that is what is best for you. What sport do you think you would like to play?


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