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Disney’s 1998 Mulan has always beloved. But its latest Live-Action Remake has stirred controversy from thousands.

by Keya Thota

Mulan. The brave warrior turned savior of China, is one of the most iconic animated Disney princesses. But the new Disney Live-action (based on the original movie) has stirred up controversy in social media over the recent week.

@marstruck on TikTok

The Mulan film, released last Friday on Disney+, has been attacked for giving “Special Thanks" to the Chinese Government in its credits. The Xinjiang Province (where parts of the movie were filmed) is accused of having more than a million Uighur Muslims in concentration camps.

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The now trending #boycottmulan has numerous arguments from different sides of the spectrum.

Here’s where the trilemma is presented: Should the movie Mulan be boycotted or should it not? Or is there a neutral perspective? Let’s find out.

Mulan Should be Boycotted

The 1998 animated film remake has come under fire for thanking the "Publicity Department of CPC Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Committee" in its end credits. The authorities in Xinjiang have been

accused of creating the "modern-day holocaust" regarding the millions of oppressed Uighur Muslims.

The Uighurs, “a Muslim and Turkik-speaking minority group in China who currently occupy the western part of Xinjiang” are part of one of the largest modern cultural genocides. Plagued by constant surveillance, arrests, and labor camps passed off to the rest of the